Self-Bailing Rafts

Designed and built for commercial use, Vanguards have established themselves as favorites among outfitters, fishing guides, and private boaters.

Standard Floor Rafts

Our standard floor rafts are designed with the same great features as our self-bailing inflatable rafts, but have durable standard floors instead of inflated self-bailing floors

Inflatable Kayaks

Our 1 and 2 person inflatable kayaks are designed to be some of the most durable and stable kayaks on the market

Paddle Boards

Our Inflatable Standup Paddle Boards are designed for safety and stability for paddlers of all ages!

The Vanguard Difference

For over 20 years, Vanguard has been committed to building the highest quality inflatable boats. The result is proven in our superior air retention, superior seam strength, superior tracking and stability, minimized drag requiring less effort to paddle/row, enhanced stiffness for responsiveness, and load bearing across the entire boat to minimize dragging and flipping.


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